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Covid-19 update - Welcome Back!

My home music studio is now back open again to piano students. Voice lessons for the time being, will remain virtual on Skype/Zoom because of the nature of singing. I will continue doing lessons online for either piano or voice for those who wish to have lessons in that manor or for those who don't feel yet comfortable coming into the studio.

I do have a safety/health protocol in place to keep everyone healthy.

* I am only allowing the student who is taking the lesson to enter the home studio. For the time being, I am asking all parents and siblings to refrain from entering. This way there is less exposure. I can keep track of everything the student touches and disinfect those areas. I would not be able to keep track of what all the parent or sibling has touched while I am teaching.

*The student is to use hand sanitizer and aerosol Lysol on the bottom of shoes before entering.

* Both the teacher and student will wear a face covering.

*All commonly touched surfaces including the piano, piano rack and door knobs will be disinfected in-between each student.

*The wood floors will also be disinfected daily.

I hope these protocol allow parents and students to feel at ease with returning to in person lessons. I look forward to seeing returning students and starting a new and exciting journey with new incoming students !

See ya in the studio!

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