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Free android music game apps reviewed for helping students along with their regular music lessons

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

There are times when a student doesn't feel like practicing or doesn't always have access to a piano or keyboard to be able to practice. So what's a parent and student to do? How do you keep your music studying ongoing when away from home or during the summer? Well.... how about doing some learning through a free app? They can work on it in the car while traveling, in a restaurant while waiting on food or just sitting on the couch. These were my picks for the most entertaining while learning.

1. Jungle Music - Students identify notes that appear on the staff. This can be done in either the Treble Clef or Bass Clef. The notes appear as a dragonfly and when you identify it correctly a lizard with a long tongue eats the note. It can also be switched to use solfege instead of note names.

2. Note Trainer Lite - With this game they show you a music staff and a keyboard. You are to match up the notes with the correct key on the keyboard as the notes move on by you. This can be done in both the Treble and Bass Clef. If you want to add #'s and b's you have to upgrade and pay for this feature.

3. Learn Music Notes - This one can be customized in a lot of different ways. It can do flashcards where it shows a staff with a note and you are to identify the correct one. When you get it right a cat's face flashes up on the screen with a happy smile. If you get it wrong, the cat frowns and you try again. You can choose which hand to use, which notes to identify, Treble or Bass, if they identify notes with letter names or choose the correct key on the keyboard. It also has an interesting feature where you can turn the mic on and sing the pitches it shows you.

3. Rhythmic Village - You tap the rhythm out on a drum on the screen as the music notes go by. It has a metronome where you can adjust how fast or slow you want to tap the rhythm. If you tap wrong the notes say "ouch". If you think you are tapping correctly but it still says it is wrong, go into settings and adjust the lag. Their is a feature where if you turn on your mic you can clap the rhythm instead of tapping on the device. If you enjoy this app, they are offering a free trial till August. Contact me and I can give you the code.

4. Note Works - This is similar to Jungle Music. As you identify the notes some creature eats the notes. If you make a mistake, the note is set on fire. I found this one available also on Apple as well.

I was disappointed with Apple, as most of these type of apps you had to pay for.

I did find one other on Apple.

5. MT Training - This one is free but would be for more advanced students.

Give them a try and see what one you like best. Let me know what ones you enjoyed the most and what ones helped to keep you engaged, entertained and learning. Have fun playing and learning!

If you have any questions or wish to sign up for lessons please contact me.

See ya in the studio!

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